Uncle Joe’s Field Guide to Improbable Creatures

Uncle Joe’s Field Guide to Improbable Creatures is a satirical book of trading cards created and illustrated by artist Jethro Sleestak. View the Improbable Creatures trading cards.

There are two of each card in the book, allowing the reader to turn between a pair of cards and read the back of one card (description of the creature, fun fact, habitat) while viewing the creature’s picture on the face of the second card. The pages of the book are perforated card stock, allowing cards to be removed from the book and traded.

The Improbable Creatures trading cards have a format different from most types of trading cards. Their faces are not cluttered with distractions and use a clean borderless design so that they resemble greeting cards or stickers more than traditional trading cards.

The artist would like to find a publisher for this project, one that could also manage other things like stickers and t-shirts so that he can spend more time drawing and writing.

View the Improbable Creatures trading cards.

To Be Illustrated and Described

The following is a list of creatures in the process of being illustrated and described:

The Snoofity Dangledonk

The Flarbled Cherfil

The Wiggledy Jehoozafluff

The Snartled Muhgrunkel

The Jippled Blundersnerf

The Snobbildy Snizzgriffle

The Mergled Blundersnub

The Malodorous Dunderchunk

The Moopled Wipjiffle

The Contooded Nardleblatt

The Fabulous Epizootus Bird

The Biffled Chunderblap

The Binkwattled Kazoon

The Gergled Snerje

The Nerp-Crested Blonjaloon

The Befurbled Sneejalope

The Foul-Smelling Bersnoojilus