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You can’t fix the economy until you do something about these gays and lesbians. They won’t even let you go to the store these days without making you say you love ’em.

The legislature tried to fix it, but the governor vetoed it because the supreme court was going to make them be gay in the schools if he didn’t.

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Mean Maggot

Mean Maggot says that he is voting Dunfrump for President all the way:

It’s gonna be Dunfrump in November. Fuck these Liberals and Muslims and shit. Tell the fucking world how it’s going to be, and that’s it.

Make them pay for it too. He’s going to make the country great again. Do it like a corporation and all. Big and bad to the bone and none of this EPA global warming shit. Screw the dumbasses and whiners. Like they know what the fuck they’re talking about.

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Madam Froganella

Madame Froganella demonstrates the appropriate way to apologize for flatulence when an animal or small child is not conveniently nearby.

You know the frog that got kissed and turned back into a prince? Madame Froganella used to date him. She was his for-now chick. That’s how she got all sophisticated. Before she met the prince, she went by “Tammy.”

Back then, all she did was rewatch her favorite seasons of The Batchelor and bitch about her job at the mall.

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Godawful Goat

Godawful Goat says to pay attention and learn something. He says he can’t teach you everything. (He’s a little full of himself.)

Godawful wrote a poem called Dunfrump’s Wall

Dunfrump’s Wall


Dunfrump has dreams

of Guilded-Age schemes.

A bypassable wall.

might not protect us at all,

but thinka the pork barrel, boys.


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A man worth less than what he inherited is running for president based on his accomplishments as a businessman.

His accomplishments are multiple bankruptcies and a string of failed businesses, but on his reality television shows, he was the big successful businessman, and so that is what the idiots believe him to be.

This man does not think before he speaks because he has never really had to. He is a vulgar boastful man. He sells ignorance and bigotry and fear.




Dunfrump Prezdent Merica

Panel 1

Dunfrump: Punch duh faces!

Dunfrump’s sign: Dunfrump Prezdent Merica

Little Bird’s thoughts: Mussolini?

Panel 2

Dunfrump: You stupid losers! I’m rich!

Dunfrump’s sign: Dunfrump Punch Faces!

Little Bird’s thoughts: Casinos? Multiple Bankruptures? Worth less than inheritance?

Panel 3

Dunfrump: Kick out the A-rabs too!

Dunfrump’s sign: Mexkins Go Home!

Little Bird’s thoughts: Did the Republicans finally find a way to make W seem like the wise elder statesman?

Dead Rat On A Stick Animated GIF

Dead Rat On A Stick

Dead Rat On A Stick! I have finally come up with a sports cheer that expresses all the enthusiasm I have for the business of pro sports teams. My favorite part is the bit about the hundred-million-dollar stadiums paid for by ordinary taxpayers. You would think the billionaire owners would pay for them seeing how their franchises earn them that kind of money each year.