Artist Bio

Jethro Sleestak Receives The New and Improved Golden Plates from The Angel Velociraptor.

Artist Jethro Sleestak was born Christmas Eve, 1979 in a Kmart parking lot. He is the illegitimate son of a lesser-known televangelist. Both of Jethro’s parents were once wanted by the FBI for tax evasion and mail fraud. Jethro legally changed his last name to “Sleestak” in 2001.

Interesting facts: Deathly allergic to guinea pigs. Slightly resembles multiple US presidents. Licensed Police Sketch Artist.

Jethro is a long-term employee of Mosaic Art Supply, an online mosaic tile store that hires only artists who are genuinely odd. They also have the best selection all around (glass, marble, ceramic) without all the environmentally irresponsible stuff and crap (mother-of-pearl, resin, plastic).

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Jethro’s chosen last name comes from the ancient Andalusian word “sleestak” or “sleezjak” which meant “one who copulates with your mom and makes her moan so loudly that she wakes up the entire village.” (In the platonic sense of course.)

Jethro’s chosen last name is not a reference to the anthropomorphic reptilian creatures in the Land of the Lost 1970s children’s TV series created by Sid and Marty Krofft .

As a boy, Jethro was not allowed to watch Land of the Lost even though he begged. His mother told him he couldn’t because “that dinosaur show is saying all the same stuff that Charles Darwin and the atheists say.”

In college, Jethro once decided to get stoned and binge watch the Land of the Lost instead of cramming for his final in an evolutionary biology course. Needless to say, the exam did not go well for Jethro, and he is now fully aware that the Sid and Marty Krofft TV series doesn’t make the same points as presented in Darwin’s theory of evolution.