The Nerktated Wumpguzzle Trading Card

The Nerktated Wumpguzzle

The Nerktated Wumpguzzle appears to be an innocent sea creature at first glance, but everything about it is off color. Stop reading now.

The ancient Greeks referred to the Wumpguzzle’s “nerktated” or ribbed shells as “tongues of Zeus.” Young brides in ancient Greece collected empty Wumpguzzle shells and kept them for use when husbands were away at war. In The Odyssey, Homer says that Odysseus’s wife Penelope “wore out four score and ten | before she felt the D again.” Continue reading “The Nerktated Wumpguzzle Trading Card”

The Festering Erpaflerp Trading Card

The Festering Erpaflerp

Unlike many modern plagues, the Festering Erpaflerp was not produced by genetic engineering, although there is a small yet devoted body of conspiracy theorists who would dispute that claim.

Most scientists think that the Erpaflerp evolved naturally from snot and vomit on the floor of the New York City subway system. Others point to the creature’s smell as evidence that the Erpaflerp had to have originated in the juices at the bottom of a dumpster. And not just any dumpster. A dumpster in July. When the garbage men were out on strike. And all the rats died from eating poison and got all bloated and maggoty. And then the heat killed all the maggots, and they rotted too. Continue reading “The Festering Erpaflerp Trading Card”

The Blumptated Snifftoblarf Trading Card

The Blumptated Snifftoblarf

The Blumptated Snifftoblarf is the result of a failed effort to produce cheaper bacon via genetic engineering. Part pig, part hyena, part ichthyosaur, the Snifftoblarf is virtually free of body fat and has flesh that reeks like the rotting garbage it was designed to eat.

The Snifftoblarf’s odor has been compared to halitosis, putrefaction, and skater kids. Continue reading “The Blumptated Snifftoblarf Trading Card”

The Collapsosaurus Wrecks Trading Card

The Collapsosaurus Wrecks

Collapsosaurus Wrecks is a therapod dinosaur no larger than a guinea pig, but this small creature caused the end of civilization in a literal sense, at least the end of permanent architecture and cities as they had existed for thousands of years.

The Collapsosaurus burrows through solid granite at an average rate of 9 meters per day, turning otherwise stable bedrock into useless rubble that cannot be built upon safely. That is why all twenty-second-century architecture is mobile homes mounted on skids, and skyscrapers and city skylines are as legendary as the lost continent of Atlantis. Continue reading “The Collapsosaurus Wrecks Trading Card”

The Krankled Snojdottle Trading Card

The Krankled Snojdottle

Attracted by screams of terror, the Krankled Snojdottle is the most aggressive stinging insect known to science. The Snojdottle nests exclusively in summer camp cabins, amusement park trash cans, and the awnings of roadside picnic areas.

Scientists tell us that the stress hormones released in the sweat of terrified humans are similar in chemical structure to the Snojdottle’s reproductive pheromones, specifically the ones produced by males when in death battles with each other over a female. That means a Snojdottle doesn’t just look like it is trying to have sex with your forehead when it stings it 14 times. It really is trying to have sex with your forehead. Continue reading “The Krankled Snojdottle Trading Card”

The Grunkled Krinkbiffle Trading Card

The Grunkled Krinkbiffle

The Grunkled Krinkbiffle eats floating plastic garbage on the surface of the world’s oceans and excretes this waste as a continuous string of bio-luminescent neon-green feces, which it uses to write curse words in script letters. The problem is that the Krinkbiffle’s glowing curse words wash up on beaches and offend Republicans, and that is why they want the creature exterminated.

Since the Krinkbiffle was genetically engineered to save the oceans from choking to death on our garbage, there are some who say that the creature’s vital ecological function is more important than whether or not its poop words are offensive, but all of these people are godless America-hating liberals. Continue reading “The Grunkled Krinkbiffle Trading Card”

The Bristlebacked Bunglesnug Trading Card

The Bristlebacked Bunglesnug

The Bristlebacked Bunglesnug’s tufts were once used to make brushes for shoe polish, and this adorable creature was almost hunted to extinction because of it. Thankfully Queen Victoria made a patriotic appeal to save the Bunglesnug, and Britons began polishing their shoes with little fluffy kittens. Live of course, and reusable. (London’s dingy gray exteriors were once incorrectly blamed on soot from coal fires, but now we know that a least 80% of the patina of the Victorian era came from all the cats rubbing on everything and spreading shoe polish all over the place.) Continue reading “The Bristlebacked Bunglesnug Trading Card”

The Hollodius Vermunkle Trading Card

The Hollodius Vermunkle

The Hollodius Vermunkle is a flatulentophilic worm filled with imaginary wisdom and the need to educate people about how insensitive they are. The Vermukle is highly judgmental and must explain how any passing reference to race or ethnicity is condescending and malicious. Specimens have been known to rupture themselves if restrained from delivering their monologues of wisdom, particularly if the reference to race or ethnicity was humorous in nature. Continue reading “The Hollodius Vermunkle Trading Card”

The Skratcheldy Skrizdizard Trading Card

The Skratcheldy Skrizdizard

The Skratcheldy Skrizdizard is sometimes called the razor toe or the ouch lizard or the oh-god-it-jumps-lookout. Herpetologists claim that it is impossible to handle the Skrizdizard without pricking your fingers multiple times and recommend wearing steel-mesh cutting gloves such as used by butchers.

Every year, hundreds of men (and even a few women, sad to say) try to hold a Skrizdizard for a full two minutes without getting punctured as part of The Macho Dumb Ass of The Year competition. The TMDAY (pronounced “Tam Day”) competition has been held in the town of Dead Neighbor, Texas every year since 1897, but so far the herpetologists’ claim stands, and every contestant has walked away with bleeding hands and a splitting headache. Continue reading “The Skratcheldy Skrizdizard Trading Card”

The Dramaticated Monabeech Trading Card

The Dramaticated Monabeech

The Dramaticated Monabeech has the least responsibility of any member of its extended family, workplace, or social group and thus is free to spend most of its time stirring up problems and creating conflicts. The Monabeech is always repeating negative things about someone and is usually doing so to get back at them. This creature treasures slights and injuries as if they were gold and goes on endless monologues of self-pity and accusation. Overly emotional and mentally unstable, the Monabeech is nevertheless a master of guilt and manipulation and can cry on command. Continue reading “The Dramaticated Monabeech Trading Card”