Worst Birthday Party Ever music video

Worst Birthday Party Ever music video

What is it like for William Barr to go to work every morning knowing that the senile spoiled child he works for is eventually going to shoot his mouth again and make things even worse?

On top of that, even the dumbest man would know that he has already done enough to go down in history as a ridiculous shit, maybe even to prison.

All this abuse of his office, institutions, honored traditions, the law, and for what? To keep the Reality TV star out of jail until the next time he does something stupid, and the mess gets even bigger.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe Barr really is lacking in intelligence in some way. He has to be, in some critical self-deluding way.

What must it be like to bet your whole political future on the irrational hope that Donald Trump won’t be able to do something so disastrously stupid that you couldn’t cover for him?

Surely Barr must be questioning his own intelligence or sanity by now.

Barr at the Birthday Party

I once had a horrible fever dream when I had a stomach virus and was throwing up around the clock. It had that pervasive bad feeling that make fever dreams worse than ordinary nightmares, and it had that hallucinatory intensity and sense of going on forever.

In the dream, I was stuck at a kindergarden birthday party where the kids were all acting like brats and throwing tantrums. They were jerking away from the mothers that were trying to get them to leave, and they were spilling food and knocking things over. Some kids fell down on the ground kicking and screaming, and there were all these hotdogs and icing and gross food getting smeared into the dirt. All the kids had dirty snotty faces, and the food was rancid looking.

I couldn’t leave the birthday party, but ever so often I woke up and puked and then fell back asleep into the same dream.

I think William Barr is stuck at this birthday party.

Get Along Little Crawdad Animated GIF

PawPaw Burlap’s extraterrestrial cousin Duwayne says goodbye to the children by singing a lullaby. That was right before the park ranger told us to go to bed or leave.

Recorded by Jethro Sleestak on October 20, 2019.

Get Along Little Crawdad animated GIF, original version

Alternate Version

The first version of the animated GIF I made for this video didn’t include a rotating night sky with Milky Way.

The little kids gather around the TV set in the desert just outside Area 51 to hear a farewell message from the extraterrestrial visitor before he returns to Uranus.

His message was for people in the UK and in commonwealth countries that don’t know how to properly pronounce the name of his home planet: “Hey assholes, it’s called Your-Anus for a reason. We have a lot of Trump supporters and people who drive slow in the passing lane. What can I say? At least it’s not as shitty as Alabama. Not in those ways.”

The Trial of Douche Baggington Video

The Trial of Douche Baggington video with audio

The Trial of Douche Baggington, 1980s Bad Boy. starring Lindsey Graham as Mr. Hyena Lips and Brett Kavanaugh as Douche Baggington.

Critics raved over Graham’s Oscar-winning performance as the rectal discharge, and all said Kavanaugh was a natural for Douche.

When I was a boy, I wondered what it would be like when the spoiled douchebags I knew were old enough to run the country. Now I know. Here are the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, as interpreted by artist Jethro Sleestak.

The Man That Owed The Money music video

The Man That Owed The Money music video

The Man That Owed The Money music video based on repeating GIF recorded by Jethro Sleestak on September 30, 2019.


The man that owed the money to the Russian mob
is gonna get her emails and save America.

And Bob Barr’s gonna help him cause Bob Barr’s the President’s man,
the President elected by less than half the land.

Mitch McConnell is a traiter, for Putin he has lied
and sold the Constitution to the other side.

And Rudy Giuliana will take the witness stand
and swear his allegiance to the Russian land.

Pumpin’ the Chumps for Trump Music Video

Pumpin’ The Chumps For Trump music video

Pumpin’ The Chumps For Trump

Tucker Carlson strokes the cancerous growth that is eating the heart of American democracy. Conspiracy theory masquerading as news. The largest media corporation in the world manufacturing hate and fear for profit. An all-out assault on reason, civility, and decency.

Recorded by Jethro Sleestak at Yalobusha Farms on September 27, 2019

Buffoon in Chief music video

Buffoon in Chief Music Video

Buffoon in Chief

Music video for Trump Buffoon in Chief by award-winning artist Jethro Sleestak. Recorded September 7, 2019.


American genius playboy,
showin’ what wealth can do.
Daddy left me half a New York.
There’s no one I can’t screw.

Always been on your tv,
so you know that I am wise.
Wouldn’t let your kid act this way,
but for me the trash will rise.

I’m the bigshot bossman,
all the douchebags want to be.
Couldn’t tell the truth to save my life,
but there’s nothin they won’t believe.

As long as I “own the libtards”
and am cool with the KKK,
I can say a buncha bullshit,
and they’ll swallow it all the way.

Buffoon in Chief Meme

Buffoon in Chief Animated GIF
Buffoon in Chief Animated GIF