Get Along Little Crawdad Animated GIF

Get Along Little Crawdad animated GIF

PawPaw Burlap’s extraterrestrial cousin Duwayne says goodbye to the children by singing a lullaby. That was right before the park ranger told us to go to bed or leave.

Recorded by Jethro Sleestak on October 20, 2019.

Get Along Little Crawdad animated GIF, original version

Alternate Version

The first version of the animated GIF I made for this video didn’t include a rotating night sky with Milky Way.

The little kids gather around the TV set in the desert just outside Area 51 to hear a farewell message from the extraterrestrial visitor before he returns to Uranus.

His message was for people in the UK and in commonwealth countries that don’t know how to properly pronounce the name of his home planet: “Hey assholes, it’s called Your-Anus for a reason. We have a lot of Trump supporters and people who drive slow in the passing lane. What can I say? At least it’s not as shitty as Alabama. Not in those ways.”