The Jippled Blundersnerf Animated GIF

The Jippled Blundersnerf

The following wisdom was recorded while Reverend Bobby Lee Jones of El Dorado, Arkansas was under the effects of the Jippled Blundersnerf:

When George Warshington and Jesus started America back in the olden times, they outlawed all the Liberals and the Communists and the global warming, but then the Democrats let it all come back in, and now they have it in the kid’s textbooks just like the evolution and all that nonsense.

Nowadays you don’t even have to talk American down at the Walmarts. I tell you what. Jesus is going to smite the fuck out of this country, and I can’t wait.

Burping Doofus Animated GIF

Burping Doofus

The miracle of beer is that it enables you to belch directly into someone’s face and not care even though you are desperately trying to pick them up and would otherwise be too nervous to try.

The problem with beer is that you keep drinking them and burping directly in the desirable person’s face and talking too loud and acting like a jackass. Continue reading “Burping Doofus Animated GIF”

Donald Trump Asshole Animated GIF

Donald Trump Asshole

Trump has no respect for facts. Truth is whatever he can convince the poorly educated to believe. He speaks to people’s hates and fears, and it is easiest to use these tools on people who don’t know much outside of what they get from political rant in the media.

Political rant has created a lot of rabid people, and they are like the damaged people in cults, the ones manipulated into committing random acts of violence.

In this case, the act of violence was to vote for a mean-spirited buffoon who doesn’t care what he destroys in order to validate his tiny little ego.

Racial Arsonist

“An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud”
-Donald Trump