The Man That Owed The Money music video

The Man That Owed The Money music video

The Man That Owed The Money music video based on repeating GIF recorded by Jethro Sleestak on September 30, 2019.


The man that owed the money to the Russian mob
is gonna get her emails and save America.

And Bob Barr’s gonna help him cause Bob Barr’s the President’s man,
the President elected by less than half the land.

Mitch McConnell is a traiter, for Putin he has lied
and sold the Constitution to the other side.

And Rudy Giuliana will take the witness stand
and swear his allegiance to the Russian land.

Pumpin’ the Chumps for Trump Music Video

Pumpin’ The Chumps For Trump music video

Pumpin’ The Chumps For Trump

Tucker Carlson strokes the cancerous growth that is eating the heart of American democracy. Conspiracy theory masquerading as news. The largest media corporation in the world manufacturing hate and fear for profit. An all-out assault on reason, civility, and decency.

Recorded by Jethro Sleestak at Yalobusha Farms on September 27, 2019

Buffoon in Chief music video

Buffoon in Chief Music Video

Buffoon in Chief

Music video for Trump Buffoon in Chief by award-winning artist Jethro Sleestak. Recorded September 7, 2019.


American genius playboy,
showin’ what wealth can do.
Daddy left me half a New York.
There’s no one I can’t screw.

Always been on your tv,
so you know that I am wise.
Wouldn’t let your kid act this way,
but for me the trash will rise.

I’m the bigshot bossman,
all the douchebags want to be.
Couldn’t tell the truth to save my life,
but there’s nothin they won’t believe.

As long as I “own the libtards”
and am cool with the KKK,
I can say a buncha bullshit,
and they’ll swallow it all the way.

Buffoon in Chief Meme

Buffoon in Chief Animated GIF
Buffoon in Chief Animated GIF

Lyin for America Music Video

Lyin’ for America

Sean Hannity is a stream of lies, distortion, and fraud.

There is no conspiracy theory Trump could suggest that Hannity wouldn’t help sell, no matter how absurd.

There is no statement or behavior Hannity wouldn’t defend, and he is constantly trying to normalize behavior that would have gotten Obama impeached and even imprisoned.

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Make The Weatherman Lie Music Video

Make The Weatherman Lie

The most stable genius ever to hold the presidency is all powerful. He can make weathermen and other government employees lie. Else he will tell them, “You’re fired!”™

Recorded by Jethro Sleestak on September 12, 2019.


I’m very smart
I’m the king of the world.

I can make
the weatherman lie.

The Amazon is a Burnin Music Video

The Amazon Is A Burnin

The Amazon Is A Burnin Remix Music Video. Recorded by artist Jethro Sleestak on August 25, 2019.

This repeating GIF music video is about mad king Nero fiddling while Rome burns, the mad megalomaniac and the rabid worldview of the mob that put him there.

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Redneck Zombie Apocalypse Music Video

Redneck Zombie Apocalypse

Music video for Redneck Zombie Apocalypse (trip hop, electronica) recorded by Jethro Sleestak October 2, 2019.

This repeating GIF music video is about the king of the rabid and the deceived, the Reality TV star who threatens the country with mob war to protect himself.

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Eduardo the Fruit Bat Animated GIF

Eduardo the Fruit Bat

Eduardo the Fruit Bat is an expert on rotten bananers. He says don’t eat the ones with the moldy peelings. He says save them for him. And any juicy bugs you find.

He says if you save him the good stuff, he promises to take a power shit in Donald Trump’s hair. And not just any shit. He promises a good high-fiber shit just like the ones he likes to do on Tucker Carlson.

That good old Eduardo. He’s the best fruit bat ever.