SuperDouche Animated GIF

SuperDouche music video

SuperDouche Music Video

Look, up in the sky! It’s a turd! It’s a slime! It’s SuperDouche!

Faster than a speeding lie! More powerful than the liberal media! Able to leap plain facts in a single bound! It’s SuperDuche!

SuperDouche streaks to the rescue of the most incompetent and corrupt of all US Presidents.

Will he fly up the elephant’s ass if that is what it takes to shit on the Constitution?

Superdouche, second segment, animated GIF
Superdouche, second segment, animated GIF

Yes he will! He’s SuperDouche!

ridin to the rescue
of the worst abuse.

SuperDouche says things that are clearly false, provably false, things like points of law, definitions, basic facts. He relies on sounding truthful to people who aren’t going to dig very deep. He is living proof of how much the voting public has been manipulated with misinformation and distortion and conspiracy theory.

As a politician, he would not be possible in an America where the credibility of our mainstream media wasn’t being undermined by all these big money foreign groups (Fox News, the Russians, and their fake news social media campaigns).