Dunfrump Prezdent Merica

Panel 1

Dunfrump: Punch duh faces!

Dunfrump’s sign: Dunfrump Prezdent Merica

Little Bird’s thoughts: Mussolini?

Panel 2

Dunfrump: You stupid losers! I’m rich!

Dunfrump’s sign: Dunfrump Punch Faces!

Little Bird’s thoughts: Casinos? Multiple Bankruptures? Worth less than inheritance?

Panel 3

Dunfrump: Kick out the A-rabs too!

Dunfrump’s sign: Mexkins Go Home!

Little Bird’s thoughts: Did the Republicans finally find a way to make W seem like the wise elder statesman?

Dunfrump and the Evangelicals

Panel 1

The Reverend Jimmy Wayne Caterpillar: “The pope is the Antichrist, and that’s why he hates this chosen nation and what it represents.”

Panel 2

The Reverend Jimmy Wayne Caterpillar: “Fortunately the Lord has sent us a candidate to deliver us from the horrors of Obamacare, Mexicans, and Liberals.”

Panel 3

Slug #1: “And despite what anyone tells you, he does represent the true values of American evangelicals.”

Slug #2: “At least those of a certain stripe.”

Dunfrump’s sign: “SCREW THE LOOSERS” [sic]

PawPaw Walrus and Sister Bub

Panel 1

PawPaw Walrus: “Sister bub, bring yer pawpaw a beer, pretty please.”

Panel 2

Sister Bub: “I cain’t. I got to get down to the store fore they close.”

PawPaw Walrus: “But I don’t want you up in that Walmart spendin all my money, woman!”

Sister Bub: “Well then, you shouldn’t eat up all my toenail fungus medcines.”

Panel 3

PawPaw Walrus: “Ain’t my fault we was out a cheeze whiz. A man’s got to eat sumpthin.”