The Brainivorous Grookensploot Trading Card

The Brainivorous Grookensploot trading card

The Brainivorous Grookensploot

The Brainivorous Grookensploot nests exclusively inside the craniums of senile nincompoops. Its shit contains chemicals that make people act like stupid assholes.

Scientists call this family of compounds “magassiums” and speculate that they were evolved by the Grookensploot to prevent its host from behaving rationally and seeking help once infected.

Victims are known for talking about themselves all the time and having zero self awareness. Everything is a boast or a superlative, or very bad, the worst ever. Many sentences are left unfinished, and there speech is all rambling thoughts filled with exaggerations and wild claims.

Symptoms of Grookensploot infestation are indistinguishable from good old fashioned senility, but scientists have developed ultra-sensitive microphones that can detect the sounds of a Grookensploot eating brain tissue.

Fun Fact:

Doctors at Walter Reed Medical say an infestation typically sounds like a few dozen dirt bikes or chainsaws somewhere in the distance, but the inside of Donald Trump’s skull sounded like Sturgis Bike Week.

Donald Trump himself boasted about it in a video interview, “The doctors were all amazed. They told me they had never heard anything like that.”


Inside the skulls of mean old stupid motherfuckers.

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