The Belchilating Halitrocious Trading Card

The Belchilating Halitrocious

The Belchilating Halitrocious

The Belchilating Halitrocious likes to consume tons of beer and spicy food and then singe the hairs out of people’s nostrils with its paint-blistering belches. The Halitrocious has no concept of personal space and talks directly into people’s faces and can’t stop talking once started.

This creature also has a sixth sense for homing in on people who are feeling slightly nauseated. Needless to say, the Belchilating Halitrocious sometimes gets barfed on.

Fun Fact:

The Halitrocious brushes its teeth once a year whether they need it or not.


Any house party or bar when you aren’t feeling well and need to get to some fresh air as quickly as possible.

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