The Inexplicachicken Trading Card

The Inexplicachicken Trading Card

The Inexplicachicken

Of all the hallucinoids that were ever created using psychoactive substances and a genertic compiler, the Inexplicachicken is perhaps the most terrifying.

Sometimes called McGillicuddy’s Dreamstalker, the Inexplicachicken exudes psychic waves of intense dread and disorientation. Victims describe a sense of being completely lost and unable to remember anything, plus the terror of being unable to look away from the creature’s unblinking eye.

Fun Fact:

When you are horribly sick with a stomach virus, and you have spent fourteen hours lying on the bathroom tile and throwing up in between feverish nightmares, there is at least an 85% chance that the Inexplicachicken will stop by for a visit with you before it is over.


The bedrooms of people who eat too much leftover curry right before going to sleep.

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