The Sneezled Doopottajink Trading Card

The Sneezled Doopottajink

The Sneezled Doopottajink’s role in Lithuanian folklore and history cannot be overstated. These majestic beasts were ridden into battle there until the introduction of the horse during the reign of Olaf the Unsniffable sometime near the end of the 12th century. It is said that Lithuanian knights would perm or “sneezle” their hair into mohawks in imitation of the Doopottajink’s frizzy mane. Continue reading “The Sneezled Doopottajink Trading Card”

The Rackoldy Ickthoblerp Trading Card

The Rackoldy Ickthoblerp

The Rackoldy Ickthoblerp is known for reproducing after it is deceased. The Ickthoblerp dies from the inside out starting in the digestive tract, and their bellies start bloating with the gases of decomposition days before the creature is actually dead. The dead bodies from mass synchronized “die offs” float to the surface of the ocean and wash ashore in large numbers. Continue reading “The Rackoldy Ickthoblerp Trading Card”