Why Mansplaining Is A Great Term

Mansplaining is a great term to use because:

  • no woman is ever overbearing or condescending or domineering in her speech, especially toward her spouse.
  • our speech should always include some word that belittles a gender, race, or identity.
  • the word gives great insight into how people who describe themselves as open-minded and progressive actually are.
  • it is used by those who automatically expect agreement and sympathy when they say a word offends them, and so by using it yourself, you automatically gain the right to scream at people how much the word offends you.
  • no true progress can be made in gender equality if we fail to adhere to the tried-and-true practice of sexual stereotypes.

Uncle Joe’s Curse On The Heads Of American Youth

Currently there is something in particular that you really dislike about how people are talking in youth-sploitation movies or Youtube gaming channels or reality television or somewhere else in commercial media with a lot of hype and marketing going on.

Maybe it’s diction, maybe it’s intonation of some type, maybe both, maybe something else. Whatever it is, it is something you find annoying in itself but also annoying because it is frequently imitated by people who spend most of their free time watching trash media of some type. Continue reading “Uncle Joe’s Curse On The Heads Of American Youth”

MegaPro World Wrestling Extreme

The latest episode of MegaPro World Wrestling Extreme was on the big flat screen.

It was the opposing managers out on the ring talking shit before the match. Daddy Big Bucks was dressed his usual way with black suit and top hat like the Monopoly Man, and he was shaking his fist at his arch enemy, Ms Luv2Hate. Continue reading “MegaPro World Wrestling Extreme”

Recipe for The Most Evil Politician Ever

If you had a chance to vote against 1930’s style fascism, and you didn’t, then anything you say to try to justify your decision only makes you look dumber.

Recipe for The Most Evil Politician Ever

  • Start with the sins and business dealings of the average Republican politician or corporate backer.
  • Add 20+ years of politically-motivated investigations over everything from spouse’s affair to how they send emails.
  • Add 20+ years of political smear by Fox News and talk news radio.
  • Add their own inevitable inclination to keep things secret given the above.
  • Add their progressive stance on gay rights and other social issues that the good Christians love to hate.
  • Add a voice and demeanor that is naturally abrasive.

Continue reading “Recipe for The Most Evil Politician Ever”