Uncle Joe’s Curse On The Heads Of American Youth

Currently there is something in particular that you really dislike about how people are talking in youth-sploitation movies or Youtube gaming channels or reality television or somewhere else in commercial media with a lot of hype and marketing going on.

Maybe it’s diction, maybe it’s intonation of some type, maybe both, maybe something else. Whatever it is, it is something you find annoying in itself but also annoying because it is frequently imitated by people who spend most of their free time watching trash media of some type.

Over the years, you will notice people imitating it more and more in real life, maybe doing it only ironically at first, but eventually it’s everyday speech for a much, much larger group of people, mostly who sound like they are doing a bad impersonation.

Then one day someone much younger than you will tell you that you are sexist or racist or somehow insensitive for being annoyed by this aspect of television-speak.

When you explain that you are a passionate believer in the same cause and that is exactly why you don’t think that cause should be marshalled to defend something you watched spread like a brain cancer of stupidity, you will only confirm your racism or sexism or insensitivity because for once you forgot to agree when someone else was offended on a matter of race or gender.

This WILL happen to you, and you have fucking earned it, thus sayeth The Lord.