Recipe for The Most Evil Politician Ever

If you had a chance to vote against 1930’s style fascism, and you didn’t, then anything you say to try to justify your decision only makes you look dumber.

Recipe for The Most Evil Politician Ever

  • Start with the sins and business dealings of the average Republican politician or corporate backer.
  • Add 20+ years of politically-motivated investigations over everything from spouse’s affair to how they send emails.
  • Add 20+ years of political smear by Fox News and talk news radio.
  • Add their own inevitable inclination to keep things secret given the above.
  • Add their progressive stance on gay rights and other social issues that the good Christians love to hate.
  • Add a voice and demeanor that is naturally abrasive.


Even the fact that this politician is a centrist capable of working with both sides of the aisle can be used against them in an electorate that is essentially mindless. For best results, serve with a bunch of pretentious social-justice warriors who eagerly shit on this politician for not being progressive enough, even when running against an unprecedented thug.

Fun Fact:

Hillary Clinton is one of the most investigated politicians of our time and is possibly the most smeared politicians of all time. Talking about how much you hate Hillary is the same as boasting about how influenced you are by television and the Internet and how little ability you have to weigh information and see it in context. That statement applies as much to twits with nose rings as it does to Fox-watching dumbasses.