MegaPro World Wrestling Extreme

The latest episode of MegaPro World Wrestling Extreme was on the big flat screen.

It was the opposing managers out on the ring talking shit before the match. Daddy Big Bucks was dressed his usual way with black suit and top hat like the Monopoly Man, and he was shaking his fist at his arch enemy, Ms Luv2Hate.

Ms Luv2Hate was stomping around the ring with her trademark brief case and yelling at the crowd, telling them all the words they weren’t allowed to say, and the crowd was screaming back at her, wanting to kill her, jumping up out of their seats and throwing plastic water bottles at her.

One bottle left a wet mark on her pants suit. Another came at her head, but she ducked in time for it to glance off the back of her hand. But Ms Luv2Hate did not back down or try to hide behind the MC.

Ms Luv2Hate was yelling back at the crowd as furiously as they were yelling at her. Ms Luv2Hate was shaking her finger at the audience and shouting, “I will not allow YOU to say illegal immigrant! No person is illegal!”

That was when Daddy Big Bucks came up behind Ms Luv2Hate and hit her in the back of the head with a folding metal chair.

It was awesome, but you could tell it was fake. You could see the MC and Daddy Big Bucks smile at each other for just a second, and Ms Luv2Hate fell over stiff like a tree going timber fake as hell.

Still, the blood and hair on the chair looked real in the close up.