Satan’s Retarded Cousin Earl Animated GIF

Satan's Retarded Cousin Earl Animated GIF v5

Satan’s Retarded Cousin Earl

Yep, that’s Satan’s retarded cousin Earl. (They don’t use terms like “intellectually disabled” in hell.) Earl is who Satan put in charge of Donald Trump.

Earl lives right there inside Trump’s skull, and most of the time, Earl is the one who actually decides what Trump says and does, and you need to remember that.

Every time you start ridiculing the President for acting like a mean-spirited baffoon, what you’re really doing is making fun of Earl and the intellectually disabled, and that’s not very nice.

Are you proud of yourself? Satan’s cousin Earl might be retarded, but he has feelings just like you do, and it isn’t easy for just one retarded demon to come up with all the ridiculous shit the President says and does.

I think you should cut Earl some slack. I think you should admit that Earl has done a damn fine job of making sure that sorry sack of shit Donald J Trump burns in hell for all eternity.

[My apologies for using the word “retarded” and for comparing the behavior of intellectually-disabled people with that of Donald Trump. If my insensitive cartoon has hurt anyone’s feelings, please take comfort in the fact that nothing your intellectually-disabled loved one has ever done could be as shameful or as stupid as the things the President does on a regular basis. -Jethro Sleestak]

Fun Fact:

Earl’s girlfriend’s name is “Darlene,” but when he got her name tattooed on his belly, he wrote it down for the man doing his ink as “Covfefe.” Like Earl says, “I ain’t too good at spellin’ words and stuff, but I do know how to make a man act like a complete jackass.”