An Old Testament Smiting for Trump?

Who says the days of Old Testament style miracles are over? I can think of a couple of contemporary examples off the top of my head.

The US invades Iraq, a country in the heart of the Middle East, on false pretenses, when it already has more than it can maintain in Afganistan or expect to be able to walk away from anytime soon.

The Lord responds to that great act of dumbassery and has an African-American sharing the same Muslim name as the deposed Iraqi dictator elected President of the United States. Coincidence is the hand of God at work, or at least that is what I learned as a boy.

Then Right-wing talk radio immediately starts shouting that Obama is the worst President ever. The Lord responds by letting them elect a man who is the very essence of their misinformed talk-radio bullshit and showing them what the worst President ever actually looks like.

And Lord have mercy, has Donald J Trump delivered the goods. Obviously God or the devil or both had a hand in setting this one up, and it’s not going to end very well.

I don’t think Trump should fear assassins or Kathy Griffin with a steak knife. I think he should fear some sort of Old Testament smiting, a bolt of lightning on his head, or something like that, an act of God. I just hope the rest of us are spared.

But that’s not how the God of the Old Testament works. Usually, there is war, pestilence, and famine involved when this level of arrogance gets smited, and whole countries are left in smoking ruins.

And all of us are guilty by association. And some dumbasses actually voted for the guy, even though he is just the type of shit-talking mother fucker they love to hate at work:

A thin-skinned rich kid who whines when people call him on facts.

A salesman who talks out of his ass.

A bragger.

A man who does not think before he speaks.

A man who picks pointless fights and squabbles.

A man who reacts emotionally.

A man who bullies and mocks poor people.

A man who excels at arrogance and insensitivity.

A man in love with his life of inherited wealth and convinced it means he’s a genius.

A reality-TV personality with obvious signs of dementia.

What could possibly go wrong?

Hell, God doesn’t even have to do the work of the smiting. Trump can’t  keep his mouth shut even when he already has more shit storms blowing than any sane person could respond to. The stupid mother fucker is his own worst enemy and fucks himself on a daily basis.

Every time he speaks, there is the arrogance and the whining and the complete disregard for truth, and I really get the feeling he is tempting God for an Old Testament smiting of some sort. It’s like he’s play acting the part of the inept super villain and overacting the part.