Trump: God’s Gift To America

Trump: God's Gift To America

Trump: God’s Gift To America

For God so loved the world, that he gave us Donald J. Trump, the only man  who can save America.

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Better than Jesus. Donald J. Trump. He’s huge.

[I have always loved this painting because of when and where I saw it as a boy, and it caused me physical pain to deface this it with Trump’s face. But I figured that the harm that evangelicals were doing to Christianity by supporting Trump and insisting they were still followers of Christ was much worse than anything I could do with a piece of unauthorized political art.

It actually made me proud to have grown up Mormon that so many members of the LDS church were vocal critics of Trump during the election. After hearing all my life from fundamentalists that Mormons aren’t really Christians, it was nice to see a very public demonstration of who was who on the stuff that counts. -J.]