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Trump Is A Dickhead

Donald Trump is a dickhead. A bragger and a boaster. A man addicted to sensational attention and social media. A man easily distracted by squabbles. A man not afraid to pick on the powerless or to tell big lies. A man who thrives on scandal and drama, a man who escalates confrontation as a matter of course.

Trump is a reality-TV star. He is famous for inheriting a financial empire large enough to withstand his own business failures, which were massive. He is the rich kid bully you hated in high school, the guy who could always buy his way out of any disaster he created.

Donald Trump is inept and will damage the credibility of any cause he champions.

If your method is to shoot your mouth off to create media sensations like a typical reality tv star, then you will say dumb things. You will also create scandals that have unexpected consequences in the longer term. Especially if you have convinced yourself that your inherited wealth is evidence of some great genius.

If you are speaking to a shallow public that trusts personalities and image and has no understanding of the facts, you can say anything you want, make up your own facts. For you, it’s all for the cameras now, not how history will evaluate things later on. Say anything you want.