Meme Why QAnon Is So Damn Cool

Meme Why QAnon & WWG1WAG Are So Damn Cool

  • sounds deep and cryptic.
  • implicit threat of mob violence.
  • vague enough for your choice of interpretation.
  • cool tat designs for clueless people looking for instant identity.
  • large cult following of true believers.
  • currently worships Trump.
  • will announce new savior after Trump.
  • ready and waiting for use as terror network.
Meme Why QAnon & WWG1WAG Are So Damn Cool
Meme Why QAnon & WWG1WAG Are So Damn Cool

Meme Pelosi Leads Bigfoot UFO Attack

Pelosi Leads Bigfoot UFO Attack to destroy Hunter’s laptop, Hillary’s emails, and secret QAnon datacenters.

That was the cover of the New Pork Tost that explained it all to me.

Before that was their cover with the headline, “Donald Trump Dies For Your Sins But Promises to Rise Three Days Later Like Superman.”

Meme Sean Hannity Flying Monkeys

For decades, nonstop on Fox News: Hillary Clinton & Democrats guilty of every possible crime and treason.

Any nonsense repeated often enough on Fox News is indistinguishable from truth for most of the public.

You might be aware enough to laugh at the QAnon nonsense, but are you so sure that you don’t believe some piece of misinformation as equally absurd?

Fact Check: Satan’s Emissary Hates Pence

Fact Check: Not Even Satan’s Emissary Varlax the Impure Can Stand Mike Pence.

Consider this quote from Varlax’s most recent appearance on Fox and Friends:

“I mean, hear me out. I’ve had to listen to Stalin, Hitler, and more psycho serial killers than I can shake a stick at, but this guy is too much. All that phony godliness, and he’ll still tell any lie they give him, doesn’t matter how bald face it is. Say fucking anything. Makes me wanna puke.”

Varlax the Impure, Satanic Emissary to the Trump Campaign

Remember When Obama? Trump Memes

Trump’s cult ignores behavior that would have gotten any previous US President removed from office.

Stimulus Checks

Remember when Obama held up the emergency stimulus checks so his name could be printed on them?
Neither do I, but I remember when this guy did it.

Political Convention

Remember when Obama held his political party’s convention at The White House?
Neither do I, but I remember when this guy did it.


Remember when Obama lied and said China would pay for his tariffs?
Neither do I, but I remember when this guy did it.

Combat Veterans

Remember when Obama insulted our decorated combat veterans?
Neither do I, but I remember when this guy did it.

Transition of Power

Remember when Obama refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power?
Neither do I, but I remember when this guy did.

Piso Mojado My Friend Animated GIF

How about a good old fashioned Old Testament curse sung in a death chant?

Fraud of Ages, I rebuke thee.
Thou art made from lies.
Thy voice is the voice of hatred and greed.
Thou art a curse on the people and the land.
Lord of Hosts smite thee.
Lord of Hosts blast thee from this earth.

Music Video for Remix


Music Video


The Brainivorous Grookensploot Trading Card

The Brainivorous Grookensploot

The Brainivorous Grookensploot nests exclusively inside the craniums of senile nincompoops. Its shit contains chemicals that make people act like stupid assholes.

Scientists call this family of compounds “magassiums” and speculate that they were evolved by the Grookensploot to prevent its host from behaving rationally and seeking help once infected.

Victims are known for talking about themselves all the time yet having zero self awareness. Everything is a boast or a superlative. Or very bad, the worst ever. Many sentences are left incomplete, and the ideas expressed are disjoint and filled with exaggerations and wild claims.

Symptoms of Grookensploot infestation are indistinguishable from good old fashioned senility, but scientists have developed ultra-sensitive microphones that can detect the sounds of a Grookensploot eating brain tissue.

Fun Fact:

Scientists say an infestation sounds like a bunch dirt bikes or chainsaws, with each individual Grookensploot making its own contribution. They say the inside of Donald Trump’s skull sounded like Sturgis Bike Week.

Donald Trump himself boasted about it in a video interview, “The scientists were amazed. They told me they had never heard anything like that.”


Inside the skulls of mean old stupid motherfuckers.

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Stoned-Guy Coronavirus-Lockdown Meme



How odd is it that the people who like to think of themselves as patriotic or religious are violating quarantine lockdown orders without regard to the public good or the lives of the old and infirm?

How odd is it that ordinary deadbeat stoners staying home and getting high are contributing more to public safety than all these other idiots?

For years I knew April 2020 was going to be wild and crazy, but this shit is fucked up in ways I could have never imagined:

A reality-TV star President with dementia attacking reporters and boasting about what a good job he is doing in what is supposed to be a daily briefing about an unprecedented worldwide crisis.

A man who cannot open his mouth without lying or boasting or name calling or sounding like a spoiled vindictive child. Endless petty squabbles. Endlessly describing people as geniuses and then idiots when they disagree with him.

And to top it off: There are still stupid motherfuckers out there saying he is doing a good job.

Rick and Morty Donald Trump Meme

“Listen Morty, whatever you do, don’t go to the multiverse where
Donald Trump is President. It totally sucks, and it’s a deathtrap.”

“You mean that reality-TV star who went to prison for laundering
money for the Russian mob? How is he President?”

“That’s only in the multiverses where Fox News didn’t convince all the
evangelical rednecks that Hillary Clinton was the AntiChrist.”

-Jethro Sleestak wuz here.