Dunfrump Prezdent Merica

Panel 1

Dunfrump: Punch duh faces!

Dunfrump’s sign: Dunfrump Prezdent Merica

Little Bird’s thoughts: Mussolini?

Panel 2

Dunfrump: You stupid losers! I’m rich!

Dunfrump’s sign: Dunfrump Punch Faces!

Little Bird’s thoughts: Casinos? Multiple Bankruptures? Worth less than inheritance?

Panel 3

Dunfrump: Kick out the A-rabs too!

Dunfrump’s sign: Mexkins Go Home!

Little Bird’s thoughts: Did the Republicans finally find a way to make W seem like the wise elder statesman?

Dead Rat On A Stick Animated GIF

Dead Rat On A Stick

Dead Rat On A Stick! I have finally come up with a sports cheer that expresses all the enthusiasm I have for the business of pro sports teams. My favorite part is the bit about the hundred-million-dollar stadiums paid for by ordinary taxpayers. You would think the billionaire owners would pay for them seeing how their franchises earn them that kind of money each year.

Dunfrump and the Evangelicals

Panel 1

The Reverend Jimmy Wayne Caterpillar: “The pope is the Antichrist, and that’s why he hates this chosen nation and what it represents.”

Panel 2

The Reverend Jimmy Wayne Caterpillar: “Fortunately the Lord has sent us a candidate to deliver us from the horrors of Obamacare, Mexicans, and Liberals.”

Panel 3

Slug #1: “And despite what anyone tells you, he does represent the true values of American evangelicals.”

Slug #2: “At least those of a certain stripe.”

Dunfrump’s sign: “SCREW THE LOOSERS” [sic]

PawPaw Walrus and Sister Bub

Panel 1

PawPaw Walrus: “Sister bub, bring yer pawpaw a beer, pretty please.”

Panel 2

Sister Bub: “I cain’t. I got to get down to the store fore they close.”

PawPaw Walrus: “But I don’t want you up in that Walmart spendin all my money, woman!”

Sister Bub: “Well then, you shouldn’t eat up all my toenail fungus medcines.”

Panel 3

PawPaw Walrus: “Ain’t my fault we was out a cheeze whiz. A man’s got to eat sumpthin.”