Mr. Grunch from Work Comic Strip Character

Mr. Grunch from Work Comic Strip Character

Mr. Grunch from Work

Do you remember that time you and Mr. Grunch were assigned to the safety committee, and he wanted to have daily meetings about the safety flyers when it was obvious that all you needed to do was take last year’s flyers and add the new stuff to the bottom?

Remember that time at team-building day, when Mr. Grunch argued about the score keeping for the field events and how kickball should be weighted more and got mad about it?

Do you remember the time Mr. Grunch forgot about his leftover tuna salad in the break room fridge for three weeks, and when he finally remembered it, the stuff smelled like a dead whale’s sulfurous bowels, but he didn’t notice that he was letting it drip on the carpet as he carried it by your cubicle?

Do you remember the time you and your work buddy were talking about her divorce and some very private sexual details, and you both started talking about everything you had ever tried, but then you noticed that Mr. Grunch was sitting right there on the other side of the partition?