Dead Rat with Flies Animated GIF

Dead Rat with Flies Animated GIF

Dead Rat with Flies Animated GIF

Dead Rat with Flies Animated GIF.

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.” -John Keats “Ode To A Dead Rat”

Everyone knows about the poet Keats’ fascination with dead rats and the other gross things he found in the dumpster behind the KFC.

In fact, that dumpster is where he contracted the TB that eventually killed him. Even after he fell ill, even after the rabid badger attack that left him noseless, Keats still referred to the KFC dumpster as “my treasure chest of earthly delights.”

To pursue his art, Keats ignored the restraining order issued on behalf of the restaurant manager and continued his nightly foraging. He was arrested multiple times that last year of his life, and that is where his most well-known quote comes from.  As Keats famously shouted in court, “I must have access to my muse!”

Gone too soon. John Keats, we barely knew you.