Krudbucket from Semeny Street

Krudbucket from Semeny Street

“Hi kids! My name is Krudbucket. Who wants to see a dead rat?”

Krudbucket lives in a trash can on Semeny Street. He teaches children about the importance of cities and how they are changing for the better to make even more money for the ultra rich. Krudbucket’s song about tax breaks for pro-sports stadiums is just downright heartwarming, and the kids love it.

Krudbucket also spreads drug-resistant TB and hepatitis throughout public places.  It’s his way of giving back to the community, which spends over half a million dollars annually to cover all the time he spends in the emergency room, jails, and other facilities devoted to deeply troubled people who will never be capable of working a job or paying rent.

For this amount of money, twenty working families could be subsidized sufficiently to live in the city, but they moved away years ago. Of course, nobody mourns their loss on Semeny Street or the influx of street addicts because that would be ableist and insensitive and judgmental and all that.

Krudbucket doesn’t take his meds consistently and sometimes spends whole days and nights on end screaming at invisible demons. It’s all part of the sense of community that makes Semeny Street a special place for children to learn about our world.