I Hate My Straight Brother

book 7 of Drama School Boys

“Why won’t he cosplay with us?”

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Reginald is upset. His straight twin brother Deginald never has time for him anymore. And Deginald NEVER comes to the theater and just hang out with the guys because he’s always with his girlfriend. Worst of all, he says he can’t come to Felando’s party, the cosplay night of the year!

But Reginald soon learns that his straight brother is a hell of a lot cooler than the asshole brothers of some of his friends when they crash Felando’s party extremely drunk.

The uninvited brothers start fighting as soon as they arrive, sending two guests to the hospital via ambulance. When the parents get involved, things get even worse.

Deginald proves once again that he is the best brother Reginald could ever have.

[The funniest (odd) thing about this one for me is how the story line instantly appeared in my head when I saw the image, and how the story was more real story than satire.]

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Masturbation Brothers

The Tragic Tale of the World’s Most Unfortunate Conjoined Twins

Words cannot express the horror, and that is why the book is mostly fingerpainted scenes and curse words. Chilling.

Bob, New York Times

The original publisher wanted to do a children’s pop-up book version with scratch-n-sniff patches.

Thanks to some hasty court orders followed by strict legislation, that version of the book was blocked, and so the publisher replaced it with the version we all remember from school.

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What If Chicks Were Larger & More Horny Than Us?

A Scientific Argument for Eugenics

by Ted L. Boylan, director, Feminine Sexual Research Institute

“This is the book that got me into science. I think it would be hot as hell.”

Stephen Hawking, astrophysicist and author of A Brief History of Time
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How To Whitewater Raft With A Train

“This book saved my marriage.”

First published in 1953, this book is credited with saving tens of thousands of marriages with a brilliant yet simple idea:

If you can survive rafting a train down a mountain river, you do anything.

Of course, critics point out that the author is responsible for hundreds of locomotives and box cars ending up in our nation’s waterways, but some people will whine about anything.

Also, think about all those happy couples who made it back with exciting stories and pictures and a renewed commitment to “until death do us part!”

A must read for all those serious about their relationship.

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