The Fusilated Sphinctnozzle Trading Card

The Fusilated Sphinctnozzle

The Fusilated Sphinctnozzle originated in southern China, where it is known as the Dukay Dragon, but by 900 BC, Phoenician and Greek merchants had inadvertently spread the creature throughout the Mediterranean basin, the larval form travelling inside citrus fruit and pomegranates. Continue reading “The Fusilated Sphinctnozzle Trading Card”

The Rippercated Crocosnoot Trading Card

The Rippercated Crocosnoot

The Rippercated Crocosnoot uses its psyonic abilities to make its owner think it is a fluffy cat or lap dog that anyone would love to pet, but it does not have sufficient power to convince visitors, dates, or small children, who can all clearly see that the thing is just itching to bite and scratch them.

Actually, the Rippercated Crocosnoot enjoys being petted and held and having its belly rubbed, but it also enjoys biting the crap out of people for no reason once it has had enough love. The Crocosnoot likes to latch on with its teeth and kick with its back feet, as if hoping to rip off a chunk of your meat one way or the other. Continue reading “The Rippercated Crocosnoot Trading Card”

The Bajinkled Tindersnort Trading Card

The Bajinkled Tindersnort

According to American humorist Mark Twain, the Bajinkled Tindersnort is nature’s answer to the age-old question: “What if a plucked owl had sex with an alley cat inside a shop vac?”

The Tindersnort’s tube-like lips are capable of creating a strong suction, which it uses to vacuum up its prey (teddy bear hamsters and other cute small furry things that make you hate the Tindersnort). Continue reading “The Bajinkled Tindersnort Trading Card”

The Clappastrian Sockomunch Trading Card

The Clappastrian Sockomunch

The Clappastrian Sockomunch feeds exclusively on socks soiled with human sweat, and it has evolved an extra pair of legs to assist with the excretion of large amounts of undigested fibers. Like a snake, the Sockomunch does not eat very often (that “mysterious” 1 sock that goes missing each month), but when it eats, it eats something almost as large as itself by swallowing it whole. The Sockomunch is about the size of an athletic sock, and so it can hide very efficiently behind washers and driers and underneath them. Continue reading “The Clappastrian Sockomunch Trading Card”

The Blert-Eyed Schnozzbottle Trading Card

The Blert-Eyed Schnozzbottle

The Blert-Eyed Schnozzbottle scavenges sugary dregs from discarded fast-food drink containers, which it finds along the shoulders of highways and in ditches. Scientists know that the Schnozzbottle evolved from either rats or squirrels but cannot say which due to the mutagenic properties of caffeinated energy drinks, which obviously played a role in the creature’s origins as evidenced by its eyes. Continue reading “The Blert-Eyed Schnozzbottle Trading Card”

The Twerbled Nerkjozzle Trading Card

The Twerbled Nerkjozzle

The Twerbled Nerkjozzle is an intracranial parasite that uses its host’s stress hormones to reproduce rapidly inside the skull. People stuck in really bad traffic jams can develop toxic populations in about one to two hours, and people with regular commutes of that level of crappiness are absolutely infested with Nerkjozzle. An article in the Journal of the American Medicological Associations reported that the brains of commuters sampled from seven different metropolitan areas all looked like Swiss cheese, apparently from all the stress holes the Nerkjozzles had wallowed out in them (Burgermerger, B, et. al. Vehicular Brain Rot Syndrome and T. Nerkjozzle Population Size, A Statistical Analysis Plus Some Really Gross Photos. The Journal of That Other AMA. 2016;289:84-107.) Continue reading “The Twerbled Nerkjozzle Trading Card”

The Frizzled Kerploppamus Trading Card

The Frizzled Kerploppamus

The Frizzled Kerploppamus is sometimes called “The Devil’s Bird Bath” or “Mother Nature’s Hungry Commode.” The creature’s lower jaw is disproportionately large and round and shaped like the bowl of a modern flushing toilet, while the upper jaw is flat and lid-like, capable of snapping down lightning fast and containing a mouthful of frantic birds.

The Kerploppamus hunts by leaving its mouth open with its upper jaw raised nearly vertical, allowing the bowl of the lower jaw to fill with rainwater, which sooner or later attracts birds, squirrels, yappy poodle dogs, snooping neighbors, and other prey. The creature is named for the “kerplop” sound that raindrops make when they fall into the water-filled bowl of the mouth. Continue reading “The Frizzled Kerploppamus Trading Card”

The Merping Gwuntmump Trading Card

The Merping Gwuntmump

The Merping Gwuntmump is a semi-aquatic organism that was originally sold as “Sea Babies” by the Blammo Novelty company in the back of comic books in the early 1960s. After it was learned just how large Gwuntmumps could grow and what disgusting habits they had, Blammo quickly replaced Gwuntmumps with brine shrimp, and so tiny brine shrimp are what most people think of when Sea Babies are mentioned.

Just like brine shrimp, the Merping Gwuntmump is tiny when first hatched, but the Gwuntmump can grow to the size of a small human adult if fed an adequate diet and kept in a large enough aquarium.  The Gwuntmump is particularly fond of cabbage, beans, peanuts, pickled eggs, and sauerkraut, and it will fastidiously avoid any food that does not contribute to its overwhelming non-stop flatulence. Scientists believe that the Gwuntmump uses its flatulence to attract bugs and other prey, but humans, dogs, cats, and most other higher mammals find the odor unbearable. Continue reading “The Merping Gwuntmump Trading Card”

The Konjillated Gundersquat Trading Card

The Konjillated Gundersquat

The Konjillated Gundersquat’s escape from the lab marked the end of Santa’s dabbling in genetic engineering, at least those experiments aimed at hybridizing reindeer with other species.

Most experts on escaped GMOs believe that that the Gundersquat was a misguided attempt to produce a cold-hardy species of escargot or conch and point to Santa’s fondness for both shellfish and French cuisine as evidence for their theory. Others point to more sinister motives. Continue reading “The Konjillated Gundersquat Trading Card”

The Star-Nosed Dandlesneet Trading Card

The Star-Nosed Dandlesneet

The Star-Nosed Dandlesneet likes to hide small hand-held objects such as keys, remotes, cell phones, lighters, pipes, etc., and is particularly active around people who smoke pot. Or who are under a lot of stress trying to do ten things at once. The Dandlesneets just love when you get behind and have to rush.

The Dandlesneet likes to do things like put the milk in the cabinet and the box of cereal in the refrigerator and leave bags and purses on the roofs of automobiles. Nothing makes a Star-Nosed Dandlesneet happier than the sound of a stressed-out guy on a cell phone backing his car over his own laptop. When such events multiply in a spiral of ever-increasing stress, the individual in question is said to be dandlesneeted, which was the Old Flemish word for totally fucked. Continue reading “The Star-Nosed Dandlesneet Trading Card”